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Shotsled - Empower your Takedown

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Color: Black

UNMATCHED VERSATILITY: ShotSled™ transforms training with its capacity for both solo and partner exercises, making it the ideal companion for wrestlers, MMA fighters, and athletes keen on mastering takedown techniques and enhancing explosive power. Its adaptability ensures athletes at all levels can fine-tune their skills and strength, offering a comprehensive workout regime that pushes the boundaries of athletic performance.

ENHANCED TRAINING RESISTANCE: Equipped with custom-plate foot-pegs, ShotSled™ introduces an unparalleled level of resistance and stability, allowing athletes to escalate their training intensity. This feature is crucial for those aiming to improve their grounding and explosiveness, providing a solid foundation for partners to stand on and amplify the workout challenge. Made by wrestlers, for wrestlers, it’s engineered to meet the rigorous demands of intensive training sessions.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE DESIGN: At a mere 43lbs and ingeniously collapsible, ShotSled™ is a marvel of convenience and portability. Its design caters to athletes who value efficiency and flexibility in their training equipment, enabling easy storage and transport. Whether you’re training at home, in a gym, or on the go, ShotSled™ is your loyal companion, ready to enhance your athletic journey without the burden of cumbersome gear.

MAT-FRIENDLY AND DURABLE: Respect for the training environment is a hallmark of ShotSled™, designed to glide seamlessly across any wrestling mat without inflicting damage. This consideration safeguards your investment in both the mat and the sled, ensuring a long-lasting, damage-free relationship. Proudly made in the USA, its robust construction stands up to rigorous daily use, testament to its unmatched durability and mat-friendly nature.

PATENTED, MULTIFUNCTIONAL DEVICE: Born from the ingenuity of combat sport enthusiasts in Bristol, Pennsylvania, ShotSled™ is a patented training tool that simulates realistic combat scenarios. Featuring upright pads that emulate an opponent's torso and legs, it offers a spectrum of training exercises from double leg shots to conditioning drills. ShotSled™ is more than a training device; it’s a comprehensive system designed to elevate your physical conditioning to its peak.