Defense Soap

Defense Soap | Antimicrobial Therapeutic Bar | 4 oz | Original

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Considered the ultimate soap, Defense Soap is used by wrestlers, Jiu-Jitsu and MMA athletes! It is supercharged with beneficial and essential oils that are known for their ability to help guard against grunge and mat grime.


  • Each bar contains a unique blend of essential oils known to destroy harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungus
  • Contains a full 2% concentration of tea tree and eucalyptus oils
  • Delivers all of its natural ingredients deep into the skin's pores with a high quality, deep, penetrating lather
  • Simply leaving the lather on the skin for a few moments removes most of the conditions necessary for the survival of fungus, viruses and bacteria
  • Helps athletes deal with the problems caused by mat grime, equipment funk, locker room grunge and skin-to-skin contact
  • Does not disrupt the delicate balance of natural skin flora, maintaining the skin's natural immunities and healthy bacteria
  • Defense Soap offers a high percentage of emollients, contributing to quality conditioning, lathering and cleansing
  • Each bar of Defense Soap lasts longer than the average bar of soap
  • Includes one bar of soap (each bar contains 4 ounces)