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Baseball Umpire Count Indicator | Pro 4 Wheel Call Balls Strikes Outs Innings Dial Steel Optic Green

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Designed by Umpires, for Umpires!: Crafted by those who know the game best, the Umpire 4 dial indicator is the culmination of insights from experienced umpires. It's engineered to elevate game management with intuitive design elements for monitoring balls, strikes, innings, and outs, ensuring nothing distracts from the precision of officiating.

Streamlined Tracking, Effortless Updates: Revolutionize your game management with four precision-engineered wheels that track every detail—strikes, balls, outs, and innings—without any superfluous clicks. Strike counts adjust from 2 to 0, balls from 3 to 0, outs from 2 to 0, and innings up to 9, streamlining game flow and reducing interruptions.

High Visibility, Professional Clarity: With its neon green color, this dial indicator stands out under any lighting condition, ensuring your calls are clearly visible. The contrast of black print on the digits provides a clear, authoritative display of counts, reinforcing your professionalism and command on the field.

Efficiency in One Hand: Tailored for the dynamics of umpiring, this indicator boasts a design that ensures updates are smooth and effortless. A superior grip on each wheel allows for quick turns with just one finger, enabling you to update counts instantly while maintaining your focus entirely on the game action.

Steadfast Precision: Engineered for reliability, the Umpire 4 dial indicator offers a tactile and audible click with each turn, locking counts securely in place. This precision instrument empowers you to officiate with utmost confidence and control, ensuring that your focus remains undivided on making accurate calls throughout the game.