Matman Wrestling | #45 | Deluxe Plastic Striping Mat Tape

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Width 1"
Color Black

The MatMan Striping Tape is an extremely valuable coaching tool that is often overlooked by many other coaches. This extremely strong plastic tape is as versatile as the imagination allows. When all of the other coaches are trying to number mats at the tournament with bacteria ridden medical tape or mat tape that won’t stay down, they’ll be impressed at your home tournament when you whip out the MatMan Striping Tape. It is specifically designed to cling to athletic surfaces while looking extremely clean and professional - whether you are putting roman numerals down on the mats for a tournament, redrawing the boundary lines for a youth match, marking lines on the gym floor to stand behind for weigh-ins, or drawing an entire wrestling circle if you really feel like it. Coming in literally every color of the rainbow, and multiple size varieties, the MatMan Striping Tape will have your mats, or whatever surface you choose to use it on, looking better than it ever has before.

  • Choose your color of tape
  • Choose your width of tape
  • Deluxe Plastic Striping Tape is a high-quality tape for marking gym floors, helmet marking, and boundary markings on mats.
  • Useful for color coding, safety markings and other school purposes. Thin and strong. 
  • Rolls are sold individually
  • Strong and durable
  • Very strong for continued use
  • Leaves no residue when removed
  • Each roll is individually wrapped for long shelf life